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Introducing The SoGood Mobile App

How often do you ask your friends for recommendations? If you are anything like us, your answer is “all the time”. From the best local wine shop to the most talented florist in town – we believe our friends know best. That’s why we’ve created The SoGood – a mobile application that helps you discover the best local providers based on your friends recommendations.

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How It Works



Browse by category to discover amazing businesses vetted by The SoGood and recommended by your friends.

Connect with ease

Need to schedule an appointment? Want to know if your local wine shop has your favorite Pinot in stock? Simply chat with the business in real-time.


Receive and share recommendations

Loved the interior designer you worked with on your kitchen? Share and save your recommendations in the click of a button. Want to know who your friend uses for her beauty regime? Access all of her recommendations in one place.


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